Things you should know about the art work

The works use small, custom-built computer systems to produce the images rendered on flat screens. The 'paint' is entirely synthetic. Each work has many photographic base images which are 'painted' in a random sequence that continues indefinitely. Each painting of a base image is itself full of subtle variations so no two paintings of an image are ever identical.

My recent work is more abstract. The painted images hint of the real world but remain quite enigmatic. The impasto of the paint changed significantly too, after I studied Matisse's work.

In addition to having shot all the photographic images, I wrote both the program that prepares the images for painting and the program that paints them, affording me a level of control not possible with commercial software tools. The works are self-contained and can be turned on and off simply by pressing a button. The code is written in C and employs OpenGL and GLSL for graphic rendering. Because my work is written in C, if I have an idea then it is just me and the machine — I have no excuses or limits — and in that sense I grind my own pigments.

Dead Car

Dead Car (fast)

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